Substance Awareness Training

Substance awareness training for people who work with drug users. Changes in drug use and the range of drugs used have occured in recent years, especially with the increase in use of 'New (or Novel) Psychoactive Substances' (NPSs) such as synthetic cannabinoids (e.g. 'Spice' and 'Black Mamba') and stimulants such as 'Mephedrone'.

There have also been changes in the types of cannabis that are commonly smoked, with increases in consumption of 'herbal', 'bush' or 'skunk'  types. The content of this training is designed to help practitioners to understand the implications of these changes and to feel more confident in responding to them.

We have delivered drugs awareness training to people at a variety of levels from members of the general public through social workers and school counsellors to experienced drug and alcohol workers.

Our drug awareness training can be tailored to your needs covering the use of substances such as:

  • Cannabis and synthetic cannabisMephedrone
  • Ecstasy and other Dance Drugs
  • Cocaine and Crack Cocaine
  • Subutex
  • Heroin
  • Methadone
  • Ketamine
  • LSD and other hallucinogens
  • Alcohol
  • Novel / New Psychoactive Substances

Basic level courses explore:

  • What different drugs look like
  • What form they come in
  • How they are taken
  • Effects each substance has on the user
  • Signs of use
  • Current trends
  • Legal class
  • Problems associated with their use
  • Evidence-based and appopriate responses


More in-depth substance awareness training packages can be created to meet your needs looking at specific areas of substance use, including:

  • Basic and Advanced Alcohol Awareness
  • Dance Drug Awareness
  • Working with Young People who use cannabis


As with all the training that we deliver, it can be tailored to meet the requirements individual organisations and so training on a wide range of substances can be delivered including content covering both the 'classic' drugs and the more recent 'New Psychoactive Substances'.


Recent Feedback

"Very well delivered, interesting and informative. Obviously very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject"
Project Worker, New Focus, Preston

Suitable for:
Anyone working with people who may use drugs or alcohol including drug and alcohol professionals, Youth Workers, Social Workers, Probation Officers and Medical Staff, as well as parents and carers

One or Two Days

Prior Knowledge:
No prior knowledge required

All training packages are mapped to the relevant National Occupational Standards

All training packages include a certificate of training for participants and a comprehensive participant's pack that can be customised to include your details.

Although Soma is based in Lancashire, in the North West of England, we deliver drug and alcohol awareness training across England, Scotland and Wales.