LightbulbWe believe that a well-trained workforce is more productive, meaning better outcomes. If staff feel that you invest in them through training and development they are more likely to stay with your organisation, reducing staff turnover. Most importantly we believe that staff who are appropriately trained are not only more efficient, but get more job satisfaction and are happier. This not only makes them more productive but also reduces work place stress and staff sickness.

Soma specialises in delivering practitioner training that develops the interpersonal skills that clients say they find beneficial. These same skills are fundamental to the concepts of supporting 'recovery' and to strength and asset-based interventions such as motivational interviewing and solution focused brief therapies.

All our training is designed to develop practitioner confidence and competence. We have a particular focus on helping practitioners develop better 'therapeutic working alliances' with the people that they work with. For more information about this specific area of training please click on the 'Therapeutic Working Alliance' icon to the right. However, techniques to help practitioners improve outcomes through 'alliance-fostering techniques' are a core theme in all the training that we deliver.

Please click on the icons to the right for an overview of the type of training packages that we can offer.

Although most of the training packages are available as 'stand-alone' sessions, we operate a bespoke training service and aspects of different packages can easily be combined together. All training will be tailored to meet your individual and organisational needs, delivered in an interactive and engaging format and be supported by the provision of comprehensive resources to consolidate learning after the training is completed.

All training, supporting materials and resources are mapped to relevant Competencies and National Occupational Standards such as Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS) and Health and Social Care National Occupational Standards (HSC NOS).

Training costs £500  a day for up to 16 people, using your own premises. Discounts may be available for multiple bookings and we encourage smaller organisations to arrange training together and share the costs. There is a reduced rate for charitable organisations, social enterprises or similar not-for-profit organisations, and we may be able to work with you to secure funding to cover the cost of the training.

All training packages include a certificate of training for participants and a comprehensive participant's pack, both of which can be customised to include your details.