Access to Justice For Vulnerable People Book Cover

Access to Justice for Vulnerable People

Access to Justice for Vulnerable People was published in 2018, edited by Professor Penny Cooper and Linda Huntly.

Hugh wrote Chapter Nine on 'The Effects of Intersectionality: Women with Learning Disabilities, Difficulties and Autism in the Criminal Justice System'.

This is the second volume of this kind. The first, 'Addressing Vulnerability in Justice Systems', focussed on identifying vulnerability in international justice systems. This volume presents some of the challenges that exist in achieving sufficient access to justice for vulnerable people, primarily in criminal and family proceedings and provides international comparisons of best practice. This book, following on from The Advocate’s Gateway Conference in 2017, consists of a selection of papers from presentations at the conference. The primary focus is an international comparison of vulnerability in justice systems and issues surrounding access to justice for vulnerable witnesses and parties. The book presents the latest developments in a constantly developing area of law and provides details of the many different challenges which advocates, judges and vulnerable witnesses and victims encounter in justice systems. It also offers international comparisons of best practice. The discussions in 'Access to Justice for Vulnerable People' will provide academics and practitioners across a variety of disciplines an insight in to topics of central importance to the fairness and efficiency of court processes. Expert contributors offer an international perspective and research-informed practical advice for lawyers, researchers, judges and policy makers.

Access to Justice for Vulnerable People is published by Wildly, Simmonds and Hill Publishing on behalf of The Advocate's Gateway.

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ISBN: 9780854902675

Social Work and Drug Use

Social Work and Drug Use was published in 2012 and co-authored by Hugh with Ian Paylor (Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Lancaster University) and Fiona Measham (Professor of Criminology at Durham University, Member of the ACMD and Founder of The Loop).

It has been also translated into Arabic. 

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Alcohol and drug use are cross-cutting issues in all areas of social work practice and social workers need to know how to identify, assess, engage and support their substance-using clients effectively.

This book provides a comprehensive and practical account of this important area of health and social care and provides a basis for social workers to develop a rounded approach to their practice with drug and alcohol users.

The book unravels the relevant theory and research and provides insights and practical pointers for those working with drug users. Key topics covered include:

  •     Prevalence, patterns and policy and defining drug users
  •     Stigma, HCV and HIV; care and control
  •     The service user's perspective; involving service users in services and interventions
  •     Recovery; networking, advocacy and empowerment

We argue that in contrast to widely held concerns about the `threat' represented by drug users, the aim of social work should be to restate the importance of listening to them, taking their concerns seriously, and challenging the discrimination they encounter.

Reviews of Social Work and Drug Use

"This is the most important book on illicit drug use and social work to be published for a long time. 'Whilst it may inspire some to become 'drug specialists' it's most important purpose is in dealing with drug issues which are apparent in all social work settings. Just as importantly this book should be read by those responsible for redesigning social work and social work education in order that substance use forms part of the curriculum."
Ken Barrie, Alcohol and Drug Studies, University of West Scotland, UK

"This comprehensive, well written book will be essential reading for social work students and practitioners who need a clear, useful and relevant overview of the issues involved in working constructively with drug using service users. Its emphasis on working in partnership, while also attending to issues of risk and vulnerability, is realistic and practical, and being resolutely `social' in its outlook, the book will appeal to and inspire novice and experienced practitioners alike."
Dr Mark Hardy, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York, UK

Social Work and Drug Use is key reading for social work students and those training in related areas such as youth justice, criminology, education welfare and youth work.
Practitioners, academics and those undertaking post-qualifying training will also find it a valuable reference.

Social Work and Drug Use is published by the Open University Press.

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ISBN: 9780335234554