Why We Do It

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We believe in inspiring practitioners to provide the best help they can to those that they support.

We are passionate about individuals reaching their potential and achieving their goals. This applies both to the practitioners that we support, and the individuals that they support. We want to help and inspire practitioners to become the catalyst of change that they aspire to be, and to ensure that everyone they help and support receives the high quality services that they deserve.


Our Beliefs

We believe that the kinds of complex and often overlapping needs that mean people seek support from others disproportionately affect the most vulnerable members of society. As such we want to give practioners the skills to provide them with the best and most appropriate support. 

Effective support also requires practioners to have the confidence in their own abilities that they can bring about positive change. We seek to instil this confidence in practitioners in all we do. 

We also believe that effective and benefical support can be provided to those who are less motivated to engage with the support offered, when the right approach is taken. The key to this is found in the strength and the quality of the relationship between the person providing the help and support and the person receiving it. The focus of all our work has improving this relationship at its core.

Beyond this, when practitioners believe in their potential to create positive changes in others, this often acts as a protective factor against workplace stress.