Who We Are

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Soma are an independent training and development company who work with individuals and organisations to improve the support they provide to people with complex needs. Soma was established in 2014 by Hugh Asher. He has over 15 years of experience in diverse areas of support for people with multiple and intersecting needs such as mental health issues, problematic substance use, offending, learning disabilities and autism. For more information please click here.


Our Vision

Our vision is to support individuals and organisations to provide the best service they can to the people that they support. We do this by:

  • Helping to develop the knowledge and skills base of practitioners through effective training
  • Supporting organisations to build on their strengths and adopt ways of working that improve outcomes
  • Delivering high quality research to inform practice and service delivery where an evidence base is lacking


Our Values

Our vision is underpinned by our values, and these are at the centre of everything we do:

  • Promoting people's involvement and choice in treatment and support decisions
  • Encouraging the development and maintainance of trusting and therapeutic relationships - building a positive 'working alliance'
  • The use of non-confrontional, solution-focused and strength-based approaches that concentrate on people's strengths and aspirations rather than on their deficits and problems


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