About Us

MegaphoneAt Soma, we are dedicated about helping you to help others!

Our goal is to inspire practitioners to provide the best help they can to those they work with. We do this by helping them develop the psychosocial intervention skills they need and the belief that they can effectively facilitate positive change in others.

We help individuals and organisations to build on their strengths, enhance their service delivery and improve the outcomes for those that they support.

Soma specialise in working with organisations and individuals who support people with complex needs, particularly problematic drug and alcohol use, offending behaviour, mental health issues, learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions.

Some of these groups, especially those in the criminal justice system or involved with social services, are often perceived as being 'resistant' and poorly motivated to engage with the support offered. 

However, we believe that the establishment of a therapeutic and trusting relationship is a powerful vehicle for change and can also help to promote desistance from offending where practitioners:

  • provide appropriate and attractive help and support
  • have confidence in their ability to provide it
  • have confidence in their clients' ability to change
  • and can instill this confidence in their clients' hopes for the future

Where building rapport is hard to achieve, we support practitioners to utilise different approaches such as solution-focused brief interventions that rely less on the strength of the therapeutic relationship or 'working alliance'.


Soma is based near Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland. However, we cover the whole of the United Kingdom including England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

We also run a 'Social Croft' where people with Learning Disabiilities, Autism or experiencing problems with their Mental Health and Welbeing can participate in therapeutic activities on our Highland Croft.